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Innocube User guide & FAQ

SK Smart Beam / INNOIO Innocube


1. Can the projector connect and project via USB cable or connect to external hard drives?

Answer: Usb connection is only for charging the projector via a laptop or USB charging adapter.  Innoio Innocube projector is built to provide connection to your smartphones, set top boxes and laptops thinking that you would normally save your video or presentation files in to your smartphone rather than to another harddrive. Hence minimising various different connectors will reduce the cost of manufacture and simpifying the connection will reduce the hardware breakdown later on.



Do not allow water or liquid to permeate.

(This product is not waterproof)

1. Do not touch the plug wtth wet hands.

2. Do not use the product in the excessive humid environment like a sauna. (Operating humidity: 0 - 80%)

3. Be careful not to let sand or food be put into the product.

4. Do not use the product under the direct sunlight or near the sauna, steam room or heating appliances.

Never block the air ventilator

1. Serious malfunctions may be caused if heat is not released due to the characteristics of the product

2. Do not get close to the air ventilator

Do not randomly convert, separate or repair the product

1. Make sure to contact the 'Customer A/S Center' in case of the problem with the product.

2. Free after-sale service is not available if the product has been randomly converted, separated or repaired

Use the product in a clean environment

The fan may malfunction due to dust.

Be cautious of the external shocks

The optical part can be damaged due to a drop or strong impact.


Switching Power On and Booting

The Piace of Use

Use the product with the silicon case in the place where the projection area is secured.


If the product does not operate due to malfunction press the initialization button with the tip of the needle to initialize the hardware.

When Connecting to MHL

It is possible to connect this product to your smartphone through the MHL port if you use the exclusive charger.

• There may be a compatibility problem depending on the mobile phones and devices (Android smartphones and tablets) that support the output of MHL.

Turning On/Off

Press the power button for more than 3 seconds to turn the product on. Do the same to turn it off.


You can use the contents of the mobile devices such as the mobile phones, tablets and laptops that support the output on the big screen.

When Connecting to HDMI

You can enjoy high·definition video

Compatible (480p) with the digital video device (laptop) that supports the output of HDMI


How to Use the Product Perfectly

Check if the direction is correct if the cable is not inserted well. If excessive force is imposed the projector may be damaged.

1. Using the Mirroring Function

The beam projector has the mirroring function and projects the image from your smartphone as it is.

You may enjoy the pictures and movies stored •n your smartphone using the mirroring function. However, a short flicker may occur or it may take a little of time depending on the model of your smartphone in the process of connecting it with this product

2. If the product flickers or the color of the screen changes

a. The battery of your smartphone or product is low.

-Use the product after charging your smartphone or the product.

b. Such a case may happen when SMS has been received on your smartphone or it is ringing

-Flickering may occur temporarily. This is not the problem with the device.

c. Such a case may happen when you use real time data transmission application (Youtube, real-time TV. etc.)

Connect the product to Wi-Fi.

-That's because interference occurs in the video signal transmission depending on the wireless environment when the product is connected to 3G or 4G.

d. If your smartphone flickers suddenly dunng normal use. reboot your smartphone.

-That's because various applications installed in your smartphone run invisibly affect the video signal transmission.


1 The screen may not be projected through the product in specific applications.

2. The product may not work if the home installed randomly other than the default home screen of the Androtd mobile phone manufacturer is used.

3 If the product is charged dunng the operation of the beam, there may be more heat than the time when product is operated by the battery. This is a normal circumstance and you do not need to worry.

4 Do not use the charger of the product for other devices as they may be damaged.