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Smartphone Breathalyser

Smardi A-Scan Portable Breathalyser

Enjoy sensible drinking culture with A-SCAN Smartphone Alcohol Breathalyser



Experience a small and easy-to-use designed new concept smartphone alcohol breathalyser. Keep a healthy and enjoyable drinking culture by controlling the amount of alcohol with a help of easy to use A-Scan smartphone breathalyser.






Highly accurate with MEMS Sensor Technology inside

Tested Accuracy: +- 0.005@0.10%BAC

Beat the alcohol random police tests by checking your level before driving and be SAFE on roads.

Results may vary depending on the atmospheric temperature. Regardless of a result however we encourage NOT TO DRINK & DRIVE.



Small, Light and simple design

Smardi Smartphone Alcohol Breathalyser has been awarded 2013 iF Product Design Award.  

Smardi's reference design concept: clean & simple look and feel with white and chrome finish design. Small circular design gives a soft & intimate feel that can be operated with ease.


Easy to use on the go

Uses same fundamental technology to the existing breathalysers in the market. A-Scan smartphone breathalyser is light & small enough to be handled with one hand and use mobile application with the other with ease.







google-play-button.jpg.pngSupports both Google App & iPhone App


Download the latest Smardi A-Scan App from Google App Store for Android phone or Apple App store. 
Once the application is installed, A-Scan can be plugged in and experienced in no time without any need for further setup. 



Easy connection to smartphones via earphone jack


 While App is running on your smartphone, just plug the A-Scan to the earphone port and way you go.  The app will recognise the device instantly and wait less than 40 seconds to charge up the sensor.






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