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    INNOIO Beam Projectors

    Take Out Cinema!

    100 inches of new experience anytime, anywhere

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    Art in Your Hand!

    Unforgettable design, surpassing formation & lines in limitless space

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Portable Projector

SK Smart Beam Pocket Portable Projector: Advanced Technology in the Palm of Your Hand


"The World's Smallest MHL & HDMI Handheld DLP Mini Portable Projector"

"You will be impressed by the quality of projection out of such a tiny projector (close to size of a golf ball). See it to believe it"


sk-smart-beam portable projector android-phone.jpg

All our stocks are Australian specification with English manual, providing 1 year Australian warranty, and shipped with tracking number on within 24 hours.

Smart [Beam] ART

ic200c-Smart Beam ART small handheld portable projector

NEW ART COLOURFUL SK Smart Beam Portable Projector including FREE Tripod, HDMI cable & USB charging cable IC200C - $499.00 $399.00 - 20% OFF


Smart [Beam] Black

ic200t-30bk03-small handheld portable projector

NEW BLACK SUPER HARD ANODISED ALUMINIUM EXTERIOR SK Smart Beam Portable Projector including FREE Tripod, HDMI cable & USB charging cable IC200B - $499.00 $429.00 - 14% OFF


Wireless Coolux Q6

ic200c-Smart Beam ART small handheld portable projector

Prefer a portable projector with WIRELESS capability using Airplay for your iPhone/iPad or Miracast for your Android smartphones? Coolux Q6 wireless projector may be the right one for you. Go to the link below. NEW Coolux Q6 WIRELESS Projector - Portable Pico Mini Pocket Size - $499.00 $459.00 - 8% OFF


Cinema in the Palm of Your Hand

Out and about or at home. Where ever you are.

Gone are the days when projectors were expensive, power hungry, chunky and not very portable. SK telecom / INNOIO (Rollei in Europe), sets new standards with the new Innocube/Smart Beam IC200B/IC200C portable projector.

The cube-shaped, portable projector is just 45 x 45 x 46 mm in size and only weighs 129g, has a lithium-polymer battery (2300 mAh/120 minutes running time) and is a perfect companion for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, action cameras, set top boxes, and TVs with MHL/HDMI port.

sk-smart-beam portable projector android-phone.jpg

Prestigious awards from three continents

sk-smart-beam portable projector award

In 2012, the Smart Beam was finalist at the HKEIA Innovation Award for innovative electronic product.

sk-smart-beam portable projector iF award.jpg

In 2013, the first Smart Beam IC200T (silver version) received The Prestigious German iF Product Design Award for the best design and product.

sk-smart-beam portable projector iF award.jpg

In 2015, the Innoio received the prestigious International Design Excellence Award for the best design.

Delivers High Quality in a Compact Size

Magnificent: The portable projector produces a clear image up to 100 inches in diameter, enabling it to act as a home theatre.

Light and quiet: Thanks to the latest LED technology (10,000 hour lifespan) no need to replace a lamp like other lamp projectors, at just 129 grams this is a lightweight mini projector that can be taken wherever you go. This is especially useful for business presentations, or as a mobile home cinema whereever you are. The minimal heat generation needs very little cooling – the annoying noise of a fan is nowhere to be found!

Technology that Fits Your Lifestyle

smart-beam portable projector hand-size, mini projector, pocket projector
  • Perfect companion for sharing photos, video or watching movies with friends and families during holiday trip. Just plug the Smart Beam projector to a smartphone and beam contents to any light surface such as a tent wall or a white wall/ceiling. You might want to show your children their favourite animation or educational materials saved on your smartphone or from Youtube. SK Smart Beam pocket projector can be used in many different occasions and events.

SK Smart Beam Pocket Projector - Great companion for Camping

With World wide camping population continuing to increase, a variety of digital gadgetry, including projectors and mobile audio systems are becoming popular.

Portable projectors such as SK Smart Beam allow families camping outdoors to enjoy the same entertainment they get at home.

In South Korea where SK Telecom’s Smart Beam mini projector is manufactured, went on sale a year ago, continues to be one of the most popular IT products that campers take along on weekend trips. In South Korea, the SK Smart Beam had already sold more than 100,000 units as of September 2014, surpassing its target for the entire year.

In Australia, although many campers like to be offline and refrain from using IT devices while camping, increasing number campers want to take them just in case needed. Therefore devices need to be compact, light-weight, rugged, easy to use and high in quality. We believe the SK Smart Beam pocket projector ticks all the boxes.


  • 1. Sharing photos & videos with your love one / friends and family

    2. Video calls to friends and families

    3. Content projection for kids (educational and entertainment materials)

    4. Mobile TV (at home, while camping in a wild or anywhere you could imagine)

    5. In bed projecting up to a ceiling (before kids go to bed or for anyone wanting to watch their favourite movie in bed cuddled up)

    6. Play multiplayer game with your friends on the go (hook it up to PS4, Wii, or Xbox using HDMI cable)

    7. Business man can take the projector to a business presentation. Forget about carrying heavy notebook or struggle to show wide audience with iphone or iPad screen. Connect the small projector to the source device and project it on a wall.

    8. Connect to GoPro / Blackvue Action cam and watch contents on the move, videos and photos you've recorded.

    9. Art projecting an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualizing.

    10. Possibility is endless. We will leave it to your imagination. Pico Portable projector with connectivity. 

smart-beam portable projector hand-size, mini projector, pocket projector connects to iphone

Presentation OK!

Impress your colleagues and customers with SK Smart Beam.

Present your powerpoint slides and images using the portable projector - SK Smart [Beam].

Just simply connect the projector to a smartphone either iphone or Android phone using cables provided and VOILA!!

Great Connectivity

The SK telecom / Innocube (Sold as Rollei in Europe) IC200T/IC200C/IC200B pocket projector can easily be connected to a laptop, tablet, general device (HDMI standard), popular smartphones (MHL standard), Samsung Galaxy S3 and above, Galaxy Note 2 and above, Apple iPhone 3G and above, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and above, new iPad and iPad with retina display.

Portable LED Projector for iPhones, iPads, Smartphone, Tablets & Co.*:
Laptop, Tablet, General Device (HDMI standard)
General Smartphones (MHL-Norm)
Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2
Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5s, 6, 6+*
iPad Mini, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad with Retina Display*
Only 45 x 45 x 46 mm in size and only 129 grams in weight
60.0“ projection image (at 2 meters)
40 ANSI lumen brightness
10,000 hours LED life

*iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or -Tablet not included. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Note: with Apple devices it is advisable to use external speaker (lined/bluetooth) if volume control is required as Apple IOS devices can not control volume via HDMI cable. Newer iPhone & iPads will require a lightning digital avi adapter from Apple store or Officeworks. Please refer to the detail in the Product page under Connections.


Official Reviews


Quote from CNET Asia News article: "Fancy a portable projector that you can bring anywhere in your pocket?  SK Telecoms' Smart Beam projector may be just the device you are looking for."


Quote from Digital Trends: "a sleek, rugged little block of modern engineering that lets you get your video fix almost anywhere."

"As its minimalist design implies, the pocket projector was extremely easy to use."


Quote from Sound + Vision Magazine: "the ability to project videos on any surface from something half the size of a Bluetooth speaker is inherently cool." 


Quote from Gizmodo: "You'll Want To Keep This Kids' Pico Projector To Yourself."  "Its tough rubber outer casing means it can take knocks — perfect for traveling with..."


Quote from AVlife: "Connected to the Phone, and opening a movie the projector came to life – the image was quite clear and it wasn’t too hard to forget this came from a tiny block."


Quote from Superadrianme: "Overall the Smart Beam is a nice, functional & small gadget to bring around. All you need is the cube and a cable. If you are an on-the-go corporate warrior who needs to conduct presentation anytime, anywhere. "