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Firmware update: Dabonda Miracle DBM-4000F dash cam

Firmware update: Dabonda Miracle DBM-4000F dash cam

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Dabonda Miracle DBM-4000F

Dear Dabonda dash cam customers,

Please note that a new firmware update is available for download from the Global Dabonda black box website.

Updated firmware version is DBM-4000F_V1.1.4

  1. Minor bug fixes
  2. Minor UI updates
  3. Extra language support: Russian (now supporting: English / Korean / Russian)

How to download and unzip/combine the firmware?

  1. Go to the Dabonda Global website: http://dabondablackbox.com
  2. Register or login to the website.
  3. If you have not registered prior, please use the serial number on the Dabonda Miracle dash cam to register. 
    Serial number should start with DBM__________
  4. Once registered and logged in, go to download page --> firmware section. [DBM-4000F] Firmware Upgrade
  5. You will see two files to download. DBM4000F V1.1.4.vol1.egg / DBM4000F V1.1.4.vol2.egg
  6. You will need to combine the two files together by using a tool called Alzip.
  7. You can download and install this tool Alzip from the link as follows: http://www.altools.com/Downloads/ALZip.aspx
  8. Once installed, combine the two files together. Combined file name will be DBM4000F V1.1.4.bin.
  9. On the Dabonda firmware upgrade page, it will give you a full instruction how to upgrade the firmware.

Here is a copy of the instruction:

  1. Insert SD card in the card reader, then connect it to the computer
  2. Format the SD card after a separate backup of important video
  3. Copy the combined *.bin file to the top-level root of the SD card
  4. Remove the SD card from the card reader
  5. Insert the SD card into the product and then turn on the car camera
  6. Go to the System Setting menu and scroll down to Version update feature

    Dabonda Miracle DBM-4000F System setting menu
  7. Dash cam will reboot automatically after a completion of the upgrade
  8. When complete please check the firmware version in the product information within the System Settings menu
  9. Firmware version should show v1.1.4

Enjoy and if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at aneonline.com.au via email to sales@aneonline.com.au or by phone on 0414910318.

Best regards,



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