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Dash Cam FAQ

Dabonda Dash cam FAQ

1. What to do initially when you receive the dash cam.

Please be advised that we normally provide up to date firmware upgrade and latest PC viewer in the 16gb micro sd card that comes in a package. 

Before you slot the 16gb SD card in to the dash cam you will want to install the PC viewer to set the timezone and setting to your preference.

2. How to Install PC Viewer and set timezone / time.

1. PC viewer is saved in the 16gb micro sd card that came with the package. 
2. Use included sd card adapter to slot the sd card in to your PC
3. Move the PC viewer file "DABONDA_PC_Viewer________.exe" from the sd card in to your local PC folder preferably in to your desktop folder. (filename can vary depending on the dash cam model)
4. install the software by double clicking the exe file above.
5. After installation, you will see the PC viewer software icon on your desktop.
6. Run the PC Viewer and click on the settings icon located towards the top of the program.
7. Once clicked, it will ask you to select the folder of the sd card. Select the sd card drive.
8. When the setting window pops up, go to timezone selection section and change the timezone to Australia.
9. You can go to other setting sections to adjust as your preference.
10. Save the setting by pressing OK and close out of the program.
11. Eject the sd card.

3. How to upgrade the firmware.

1. After installing Dabonda dash cam in your car, leave the dash cam turned off, power cable unplugged.
2. Start your car engine and leave it running.
3. Slot the sd card in to the dash cam (dash cam must be turned off).
4. Connect the power cable on to the dash cam.
5. The dash cam will start and straight away will initiate upgrading the new firmware.
6. You will have to wait approx 2-3 minutes to complete the upgrade process.
7. Dash cam willing reboot itself when the upgrade is complete.
8. All done.

4. How to register the dash cam.

1. Go to http://dabondablackbox.com
2. Register using your details and serial number of the dash cam.
3. Serial number can be found on the device or on the side of the contained box.
4. If you have any issue registering with the serial number, please let us know on sales@aneonline.com.au providing:
     - Order number,
     - Serial number, and
     - Your name.

If you have any questions, please refer to the manual or let us know via email or call us on 0414910318.