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SK Smart Beam ART Portable Projector (IC200C)

SK Smart Beam ART Portable Projector (IC200C)

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SK Smart Beam hand held projector

SK Smart Beam ART Portable Projector (IC200C) - Award Winning New Design with quality images

ART in Your Hand!

Unforgettable design at a glimpse, surpassing formation & value of lines in limitless space.

Adding emotional touch to Smart Beam Art

Meet the upgraded Smart Beam Art in design & functionality! Smart Beam Art is 1.2 times brighter & cleaner in its image reproduction through 40 ANSI lumen achieved by functional optimization.

Sophisticated design of miniaturisation in colour cube style

4.6cm on the horizontal and 4.6cm on the vertical, 130g in weight, having the light weight & compact size in your palm makes the base for the motive of the Dutch abstract painter Pete Mondrian’s masterpiece.
Meet the yellow, blue, red composition coordinated by the additional green making up the beautiful cube formation.

SK Smart Beam ART mini projector on clip tripod

Your house ceiling, tent at the camping site becomes a cinema held in your palm

Before going to sleep, you can watch the educational video by lying down with your kids.

You can vividly watch the projected fairy tale books by lying down with your kids side by side on the bed.

In the tent at the camping site! Movies in the forest for enjoyment.

Transform the tent into a movie theatre. If you have Smart Beam Art, travelling & camping through a long night can never be bored. Make an enjoyable memory with people with Smart Beam ART.

In the office! Presentation is OK

You are able to have discussion anywhere such as office, meeting room, café, using the Smart Beam ART. Make professional presentations mobile.

Automatic sensing of any smartphone

SK Smart Beam portable projector to iPhone

Smart Beam automatically senses video signals and selects the adequate mode when connected to Android phones, iPhone, Other smartphones, Ultrabook, Macbook, PC, iPad, Tablet PC. Connect the smartphone and turn on the smartphone switch.
Movies, games, video telephones at maximum of 100 inches, all is possible.

  • Automatically senses MHL & HDMI output devices
  • Will need a connecting adapter depending on devices (please refer to the connections section of the product page)

Innoio Innocube portable projector Smallest and Brightest

Optimized function, high resolution DLP projection of the same class

The best of the same class beam projectors, maximum of 40 ANSI lumen, high lumen DLP projection, Smart beam displays the higher contrast among other competiting products.

New ART edition can be purchased from aneonline.com.au via following website: Innocube Portable Projector ART

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