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New SK Smart Beam pocket projector - Brighter & better quality in BLACK

New SK Smart Beam pocket projector - Brighter & better quality in BLACK

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New updated SK Smart Beam / Innoio Innocube portable projector (IC200B) has arrived in Black!!

It's brighter with 40 ANSI lumens reproducing better quality image.smart-beam-projector-hand-size.png

We chose this version to be Black edition, black being classic, modern, attractive colour which is considered as a symbol of solemnity.

“Perfect Performance unfolding from 100 inch screen.”

New Smart [Beam] / Innocube Black Edition with better performance and design. Black super hard anodised exterior prevents from oxidation, enhances durability and increased performance by 1.2 times through optimising brightness to 40 ANSI lumens, and sharper contrast.

“Takeout Cinema Smart [Beam] Black”

Galaxy, iPhone, Smartphone, Ultrabook, Macbook, PC, iPad, Tablets whatever the device may be, connect the Smart Beam and watch on a big screen.

“Detects automatically.”

SK Smart Beam micro projector detects any video signal types and automatically selects a suitable mode of output. Connect the SK Smart Beam / Innocube Black edition to a smartphone and turn on the power. Use your smartphone as usual. The identical screen will be projected. No more complex settings are required. That is all.

“Surprisingly small and light.”

SK Smart Beam / Innocube portable projector is the smallest among ultra portable projectors at a size of 4.5cm each sides.

“And also beautiful.”

A solid premium aluminium outer casing and extremely light weight of 129g, Projectors normally produce a lot of heat and noises. However SK Smart Beam / Innocube pocket projector dramatically reduced heat and noise compared to its competitors. Smartphone can be also charged while using the projector.

“Do not compromise in performance.”

Best in class - Up to 40 ANSI Lumens High Definition DLP Projection. SKT Smart Beam handheld projector uses DLP technology producing high contrast display with high resolution picture quality in comparison to other projectors.

“Watch in a bigger screen, comfortably”

SKT Smart Beam / Innocube Black can be used at home projecting more than 70 inch screen up to a ceiling above your bed. Lay in bed with your family viewing any material on a big screen rather than on a tiny smartphone screen. 

New Black edition can be purchased from aneonline.com.au via following website:  Innocube Portable Projector Black Edition

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