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New Coolux Q6 Ultimate Wireless Projector

New Coolux Q6 Ultimate Wireless Projector

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Coolux Technology has released a handheld mini led pico projector, mainly for smartphone users. It has a built-in MHL/HDMI connection, you can easily connect with MHL port to various types of high-end Android phones (eg Samsung S3, S4, NoteII, millet 2S, Meizu MX2, etc.), a large-screen video projection, photos, and other mobile phones content, but also can be used as a 5000mA backup power for your phone. Its HDMI port supports iphone, ipad, and other types of tablet PCs, notebooks and more using lightening AVI adapter for Apple portable smart devices and using mini display port or HDMI cable for Macbook/MacAir. Coolux Q6 mini projector has WVGA Resolution, and supports 1080P HD inputs, built-in full HD media player. This model has been listed as sought after product by many mobile phone enthusiasts and business people. Enlarge the screen to 40 - 80 inches and enjoy large screen games, movies, video, and office presentations.

Coolux Q6 mini projector built-in wireless receiver, supports Android 4.2 and above Miracast. The current mainstream high-end Android phones such as Samsung S3, S4, Note2, Note3, Note10.1 and millet 2S, 3, Meizu MX3, HTC ONE X, LG Optimus G, Google Nexus4 / 5 etc. support miracast wireless transmission protocol.  You can use your phone to wirelessly transmit screen to the projector, is a simple operation, and is WYSIWYG image transmission.

In addition, if your Android phone OS is less than the Android 4.2 version, you can use DLNA protocol, the mobile phone, tablet in native video, online video, photos and other wireless transmission to Coolux Q6 portable projector.  You can enjoy up to 80 inch giant screen. Based on the huge advantage of wireless transmission, Coolux Q6 do not require MHL cable, but still support a variety of mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, digital cameras, etc. through the HDMI port cable input to Coolux Q6 portable projector, and project a large screen images.

The Coolux Q6 once again raise the internal battery capacity to 5000mA, support nearly three hours of continuous slideshow, but also as a powerful mobile power bank, when needed, to charge a phone or tablet. Coolux Q6 has built-in high-quality lithium-ion batteries, rather than the common 1806 mobile power lithium battery-general, which is safer and long lasting life.

In addition, Coolux mini projector Q6 has USB port as well, the flexibility of supporting the small TF card slot, TF card directly through the user to play all kinds of movies, pictures, videos, which make it more convenient to use. The machine supports up to 32G TF card, and supports all common formats of 1080P, 720P and other HD video files.

According to the Coolux technology-related sources, this configuration of wireless pico projector is targeted at high-end mobile phone users, mobile video enthusiasts, travel enthusiasts and mobile business professionals, in turn will become a trendy digital accessory.

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