Why A Retractable Pergola System Could Be The Right Thing For Your Outdoors

Have you been wanting to spend more time in your backyard, relax a little while sipping on some lemonades? Or you like your coffee shop customers to enjoy the pleasant weather? Maybe your restaurant could use the extra space that is under the open sky? 

Doing any of these would mean dealing with changing seasons, which could get tough if you do not have a proper infrastructure at your property. A retractable pergola structure is the right thing to extend your usable outdoor area without worrying about the weather. 

But, before thinking much, let’s understand the what exactly is a pergola:

Pergolas are generally outdoor features for gardens and walkways, with vertical beams that support a criss-cross or horizontally tied beam structure perpendicular at the top, covered by vines or canopy to provide shade.

What is a retractable pergola roofing?

Retractable pergolas are pergola structures built with an adjustable canopy that will allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that you want to enter your area under construction. These retractable roof pergola systems are built to provide weather protection solutions to a variety of properties. It could be a cafe, office with an open space, backyards, shacks, rooftop decks, etc. and retractable roofing can be used to provide the necessary shade from heavy sunlight, rain, etc.

Different Types of Retractable Pergola Roofings

Not all pergola roofings systems are the same. They differ from each other based on their particular design, building material, and positioning. Below are some types of retractable pergola roofings that you will find installed at different places:

1) Pergola with retractable roof and sides

Many retractable pergolas only have adjustable roofs and have the shaded area open from the sides. This type of installation may not be very effective against harsh weather conditions if open from all sides. The more effective structures have retractable sides as well that can be adjusted according to the weather outside. Retractable sides also provide you with the option of privacy that is not available with ‘roof only’ structures. 

2) Pergola for deck

Some people have the decks of their house covered with a pergola where one end could possibly be attached to the house, to provide shelter options. Many of these structures are now being installed with a retractable deck roof to provide a solid infrastructure to have open and closed space according to the weather and choice. Having retractable roof for deck pergola allows people with the option to turn their outdoors into a living area at their will.

3) Pergola for rooftop deck

Urban constructions like commercial buildings, rooftop bars, etc. have a rooftop deck to provide extra usable space and flexible. A retractable rooftop deck is the thing that is used in such places to provide shelter as per need. This space can be used for sittings like work, lunch, and drinks and be sheltered according to need. 

A pergola for rooftop decks is an excellent construction. It helps in using spaces in properties with less area, or commercial outlets in buildings that can benefit from aesthetic views. These places could be coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

4) Pergola with aluminum canopy

New and modern age pergola structures for commercial spaces are built from durable and robust alloys unlike wooden installations. These pergolas feature retractable canopy that are made from aluminium flaps. These can be adjusted manually with remote control. 

Aluminium canopies are very durable and are a robust solution for heavy weather conditions like scorching heat, and heavy downpours. Other effective materials are used to build the canopy like waterproof fibres and layered materials for heat resistance.

5) Automated retractable pergola roofing systems

The advent of better and more precise sensor systems, IoT installations, and smart devices has led to better designs and automated responses in retractable pergola systems. 

These smart installations can sense weather conditions and take necessary action to open, cover, or partial cover the canopy. These actions are very accurate, based on heat, rain, and sunlight. These features are very convenient and provide a great value proposition to the customers as it allows them to relax without worrying about the weather and adjusting the canopy.

Difference between a retractable pergola and an awning

Many times, there is a confusion amongst people between a retractable pergola and a retractable awning. This is because both of the structures feature a canopy. But an awning is only a canopy that provides a shade to doors, windows, and decks whereas a pergola is a complete structure that can stand independently without a door or a window. 

A pergola can be used to create a sitting area in open spaces like a garden or a rooftop. A retractable pergola will provide you with both better utility and enhanced aesthetic features whereas the same cannot be vouched for a retractable awning.

Should you get retractable roofing?

Getting a retractable pergola roofing will always be a win-win situation. It will provide you with flexible space management, enhanced aesthetic features, and weatherproof outdoor living area. 

Whether your needs are commercial or personal, you have space constraint or enough of it, and retractable roofing will always be a good fit for your requirements. Get your rooftop deck weatherproof roofing, enhance the aesthetics of your garden, make your deck private with coverable sides, or utilize the open area for your restaurant with effective retractable roof pergola systems.

Pricing of a retractable roof pergola

The price for retractable roof pergola will vary a lot, depending upon the type and size of the build. A metal pergola would cost more than a wooden one, and an automated installation with smart weather sensing would cost even more. 

The prices generally run between $2000 to $6000 dollars depending upon your customized requirements, material used, and area covered whereas large high end installations can cross the $10000 mark.

The per square foot cost runs between $20 to $65 dollars per square foot which generally excludes installation cost. This price range covers all sorts of designs and builds, including smart weather sensing builds.

Retractable roofs as a standalone purchase costs between $800 to $3000.